Other Classes

Yoga Loft offers variety of classes to suit students of all levels.

Our classes are invigorating, empowering, detoxifying and taught by passionate teachers at a level determined by you. They are designed to challenge and inspire; you don’t need to be flexible, strong or coordinated to do yoga. Yoga will take you there.

Hot Flow – Intensity Level 2

This class is a blend of yin yoga and yang yoga. It’s both a slower paced but deeper yoga style in combination with a yang faster paced class. Yin Yoga targets connective tissues such as ligaments, bones, and even body joints that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of yoga. Yang Yoga is a dynamic and muscular style of yoga that emphasizes internal heat while lengthening and contracting muscles. Suitable for all levels.

Hatha Yoga – Intensity Level 1-2

This all levels yoga class is ideal for beginners, challenging enough for intermediate, and good for an advanced practitioner wanting an occasional more relaxed routine. It teaches classic Hatha yoga postures through deep awareness of correct alignment and precise body actions. Highly therapeutic, this technique helps to refine our poses while training our minds to remain alert, focused and composed. This class is intended to help you get yoga in your body and to learn yoga’s language. It addresses needs of students who are new to yoga as well as those who may even have an advanced practice. Suitable for all levels.

Spirit Class – Beginner

These classes are designed to foster flexibility, relaxation and self awareness. They are suitable for those who are new to yoga, recovering from injury or illness or for those who prefer a gentle practice or want to de-stress.

Economy Class L1-2

This class is taught by recently graduated instructors. $8 fee if you don’t have a pass or use your existing pass

Hatha/Restorative Yoga L 1-2

This class is a slower paced but deeper yoga style. Its a blend of your typical Flow Yoga and Restorative Yoga. We start with an active yoga to get the body warm and supple. Ending with a restorative yoga practice using yoga props and cushions to support and encourage you to rest, restore and rejuvenate your body in each posture. Breathing and meditation techniques are incorporated to go deeper into the yoga postures to repair old wounds both physical and emotional, release pent up tension and stress, and to calm and refresh the busy mind. This class is suitable for all levels.

Ashtanga & Hatha mix

This Ashtanga-Hatha Mix Yoga class offers a set of foundational poses from the Ashtanga primary series, with focus on alignment, balance and core strength. Hatha components help students to deepen body awareness through deep breathing, engagement of Moola Bandha and closing guided meditation.


Yoga / Pilates Combination Class – Intensity Level 2

Bring energy and awareness to your core, abdominal and back muscles while improving your posture with this challenging practice. A slow meditative pace is maintained to retain focus on breath and mental centering as you develop core strength. This class is a blend of yoga and pilates practised in a warm environment of approximately 25-30 degrees. Beginners are also welcomed!

Pilates (STOTT Program) – All Levels

Based on the STOTT Pilates program, this total body workout is focused around core strengthening, with emphasis on alignment, breathing, balance and control. Pilates works the whole body – toning and strengthening to create long lean muscles. This class is for all levels as every exercise can be modified to fit your fitness level or accommodate injury/sensitivity.

Hot Flow Hatha Yoga – Intensity Level 2

Flow Vinyasa is a connected sequence. It’s a flow of poses linking breath with movement. One pose glides easily into the next with perfect poise. This class builds strength and endurance while challenging you to focus on breath synchronized with movement in full heat.

Hot Power Yoga – Intensity Level 2

This class follows Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga techniques. It’s an intense flowing style which emphasizes breath with movement. It’s a powerful, energetic, flowing class providing an across-the-spectrum challenge for beginners to advanced practitioners alike. These classes are practised in a hot room suitable for all levels however at least some prior yoga experience is strongly recommended.

Power Yoga – All Levels

Power Yoga is built upon the Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga. This flow class is for all levels and especially for those who want to get the most out of their hour of practice. A great class to tone and shape your body, while building strength and flexibility.


Guided Meditation Classes


Through meditation you can heal your body, come to terms with everyday problems or issues that may hinder your performance through work or home. You will experience more enjoyment and appreciation of life and your relationship with others.


We will explore deep relaxation, visualization and imagery for self-healing and personal growth and development through self discovery and awareness. Take away with you knowledge for self healing. These classes includes the “awareness, explanation & aligning” of your Chakras, followed by a guided meditation and end of class discussion. There will also be additional classes that will further expand your visualization and sensing.
Although these classes are sometimes seen as “drop in”, it would be beneficial for you to participate in all so that you can attune your body quicker and have a deeper understanding of your body. If you pre registered for all classes & miss a class, we will gladly e-mail you the handout.* An excellent introduction to the concept of the Chakra System covers the 7 main Chakra Centers.
* What the Chakra system is and what it does will be discussed.
* Each chakra will be described with its location; color and emotional correspondence
* How it impacts on the physical structure and how you can influence the balance of each chakra with certain gemstones/healing crystals.
* Meditations are personally guided by the teacher’s voice along with soft music
* Bonus meditation nights (Archangels, karma release, etc)
* Handouts included
* Mini test at the end of the completed course to ensure you are ready to move into the intermediate level

*Bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit comfortably*Classes will run every Friday night

* No classes when it runs into a long weekend
* Please arrive on time as door will be locked afterwards

please note that yoga class passes cannot be used.

Minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

Guided by Vince Barbera (www.atouchfromheavenhandsonhealing.com)