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Elena's Transformative Journey

Embarking on a Yogic Odyssey

I took my first step onto the yoga mat 17 years ago, guided by the echoes of a hip replacement surgery that changed the course of my life. Having been a fervent runner and a devotee of weight training, I found myself caught in the "no pain, no gain" mentality until my hip wore down, forcing me into a total hip replacement. It was a crossroads, a moment where I questioned what lay ahead. And then, a suggestion from my daughter, changed everything. "Try yoga," she said.

I resisted at first, harboring a distaste for the perception of yoga. However, the landscape had shifted, and studios were emerging, offering classes throughout the day. Reluctantly, I attended a Bikram class, and unexpectedly, I fell in love. It became my addiction, and I made a pact with myself – two years to explore this newfound love, with the possibility of becoming a trainer if it resonated.

A Journey of Transition and Transformation

In a period of transition after a 15-year career as a kinesiologist, I found myself caregiving for my mom and siblings. Seeking the next chapter, I ventured to India for teacher training, returned, and began sharing my newfound passion. Teaching for eight years, I encountered Jen, a student seeking her own path during a transition. Little did I know that our paths would intertwine to create something truly beautiful.

I suggested to jen to become a yoga teacher. Jen, fueled by ambition, initially became a yoga teacher, yet she was still hungry for more, she dreamt of owning her studio. I resisted, but her determination and my colluding led her to acquire Yoga Loft, transforming it into the thriving space it is today. Not stopping there, she collaborated with my son to establish the Nobleton location, a testament to her relentless pursuit of growth and success.

Balancing the Body, Nurturing the Soul

My background in kinesiology inspired a focus on hip mobility and functional movement in my classes. Yoga, for me, is about balancing the body and ensuring every class serves as a complete workout. Shoulders, hips, and core – these are the focal points that guide my class sequences. I want every individual to leave feeling not just physically balanced but mentally rejuvenated.

For me, teaching yoga is a social and rewarding experience. It's not just a job; it's a passion. Every class is an opportunity to share my philosophies on life. The words I utter in class are more than instructions; they're a deep reflection of my life's journey and the principles I hold dear.

Sharing Energy, Creating Connections

As a yoga teacher, the connection with students is paramount. John, a student, beautifully articulates this connection: "You share your energy with your students." This sentiment resonates with me deeply. Yoga is not just about personal practice; it's about sharing energy and motivating each other to grow and push boundaries.

In my classes, every word is carefully chosen, each guiding you towards a philosophy of life. "Take a moment to cultivate that quiet inner you," I say. It's not just about the physical postures; it's about carrying the essence of yoga into your everyday life – learning to react and respond from a place of inner peace.

Living Yoga Beyond the Mat

The true essence of yoga extends beyond the mat. I encourage my students to breathe into their bodies, to carry that skill into their daily lives. Soften on demand, find recovery, and avoid burnout. These are not just words; they are tools for a more balanced, mindful life.

In every class, I share the philosophies of life that have shaped my journey. Teaching by example, I emphasize that yoga isn't just about what happens on the mat but how we live our lives outside of it. It's a holistic approach, a commitment to softening, recovering, and living with intention.

Closing Thoughts: A Heartfelt Gratitude

Yoga Loft, under Jen's stewardship, has become more than a studio; it's a sanctuary of transformation and growth. I am grateful to have played a small part in its evolution, weaving my own experiences and philosophies into the fabric of its existence.

So, if you find yourself on a mat in one of my classes at Yoga Loft, know that you're not just practicing yoga; you're embarking on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and a deeper connection with the world around you. Yoga is not just a passion for me; it's a way of life, and I invite you to join me on this transformative odyssey.

Remember the earth will always support you.

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