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Yoga Teacher Training

Now Registering for May, 2018!

200 hour Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot & More

About Our Course

Our Teacher Training Program is designed to make yoga accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. We work on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. Not only does this improve strength and flexibility, it also rejuvenates one’s whole being.

The foundation of this course revolves around yoga styles of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Classic Hatha yoga. Additionally you will  explore topics of, and learn about, fundamentals of hot yoga, Ayurveda, yoga therapy, prenatal yoga, as well as children’s yoga.

During this course duration you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are seeking optimum health, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a very supportive and reinforcing environment.

This course is not limited to those contemplating a career as a Yoga Instructor. Studies are also open to individuals with a goal of self-development or simply to deepen your own understanding of yoga for your own personal practice.

Our course is a Yoga Certified Course with the Yoga Alliance. Upon completion, you’ll be able to register with the board as a recognized Registered Yoga Teacher. This course is also registered with the Canadian Government branch of Human Resources Skills Development Canada ( government verification available here ) as a registered tax deductible course offering a receipt that can be used for income tax purposes.

At Yoga Loft, we strive to develop confident teachers who will perform well at all levels of Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot as well as Non-Heated Yoga. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Schedule

Our upcoming Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Approved Courses for 2018

Start Date: TBD . Call (905) 893-0094 for more information.


Techniques Training – Approximately 100 Hours

  • In depth exploration of Asanas (poses)
  • several variations of sun salutations
  • Benefits, preparatory poses, cautions, contraindications, variations, props, modifications, adjustments
  • How to structure a class, sequencing, how to teach
  • Pranayama (breathing): theory and practice of ujjayi breath and other types
  • Kriyas,  mantra, mudras, bandhas, nadis, chakras
  • Chanting-vibration of energy
  • Meditation- how to
  • Kids Yoga – Child psychologies and social considerations
  • Voice modulation, intonation, projection
  • Basic Sanskrit-pronunciation and names of postures, energy and vibrational qualities
  • Meditation
  • Teaching principals of Ashtanga , hot yoga and hatha/vinyasa yoga

Teaching Methodology – Approximately 25 Hours

Focuses on the principles of demonstration, observing, assisting, correcting, instruction,  teaching styles, using themes, sequencing, class design, and qualities of a teacher, teacher presence and professionalism, physical space, class etiquette, communication also presentation skills, business aspects of yoga.

Anatomy and Physiology – Approximately 20 Hours

This anatomy intensive covers the basic anatomy and biomechanics of the human body with direct application to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns etc), movement principles and inner wisdom of the body. Includes both physical anatomy and physiology (body systems, organs etc) and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis etc.), health conditions and therapeutic applications of poses.

  • 5 elements, prana vayus, koshas (sheaths of self)
  • reading energy in students, cultivating intuition
  • controlling energy through bandhas, mudras (sacred symbols), pranayama, kriyas

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics – Approximately 30 Hours

Includes the study of yoga philosophies – Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Pradipika, the Vedas, Upanishads, Tantra, Mayan Prophesy, yoga lifestyle and ethics for a yoga teacher (both personal and business), diet.

  • Yamas (restraints) and Niyamas (observances)
  • how to run a successful yoga business, marketing

Practicum – Approximately 22 Hours

Includes practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing and giving feedback. Also includes assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Introduction to Specialized Programs – Approximately 12 Hours

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Ayurveda

 Download and Complete Application

Free classes given for those registered in the program.

Upon completion you will be a certified Yoga Teacher and a certificate will be awarded. Graduates of our program can be registered with the international governing board of Yoga Alliance.


  • $2500 plus HST (Early bird-2 months prior to start date of your session)
  • $2900 plus HST (Within 2 months prior to start date)

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required with your application to secure your place in the course. Payments can be made by bank draft, debit card, credit card, money order or certified cheque.

A Teacher Training application form can be found in studio or downloaded.

Text book list will be given upon registration of the course.

Your application form and $500 deposit can be submitted together at the studio. Please forward an electronic copy of your application to upon submission with deposit.

All fees must be paid in full one month before start date. Payment Options are available; 2 or 3 equal payments can be made. There is a $75 fee for each extra payment (no fee if paid in full).

Yogaloft is a Certified Private Educational Institute. This is a government Registered Teacher Training Program eligible for tuition fee income tax receipts.

Program Transfer

There is a $200 transfer fee for students who are registered to one program and wish to transfer to another. A student who wishes to transfer from one program to another will be fully transferred when the following has been received:

  • Signed Student Contract for the new program
  • $200 transfer fee

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from the training the following refund terms apply:

If the student withdraws 30 days or more prior to first day of training the student will receive a full refund of all monies paid minus an administration/cancellation fee of $300.

If the student withdraws 15-30 days prior to the first day of training the student will receive 50% of all monies paid.

If the student withdraws 1-14 days prior to first day of training or withdraws after the training starts the student will receive NO refund.

No refund will be given in the case of withdrawal or inability to complete teacher training program because of health related illness, sickness or other health considerations after the training has started.

No refunds will be made for no-shows, late arrivals or early departures.

No refunds will be issued for sessions postponed for inclement weather and every effort will be made to reschedule such sessions.

Please contact Anna, Training Program Coordinator if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a payment plan at 905-893-0094 or email us using the electronic form on our Vaughan contact page.