Our Studio

Welcome to the Yoga Loft

A wonderful and spacious studio where you can progress your Yoga practice, as well as, work toward your fitness and wellness goals.

Why Practice at the Yoga Loft?

At the Yoga Loft, we are devoted to offering a superior yoga experience. At the front line, our positive and friendly staff consist of highly knowledgeable and multi-disciplined experts in the industry. As such, we are able to offer a wide range of regular and specialty yoga classes to allow virtually anyone to improve their wellness through the practice of Yoga. As your practice develops, you will always find an appropriate class to take you to the next level.

Step Inside the Studio…

Our Yoga studio is said to have an amazing energy that is cherished by all who practice here. Inside, a cozy reception area welcomes you to sign in, browse mats and items for sale and remove footwear before entering the studio. Once inside the studio, you will find 3 fully mirrored walls so you can observe and adjust your poses as you practice. A specialized cork flooring provides a soft yet sturdy base for your practice and plenty of room to find a comfortable spot. The ceiling is equipped with state-of-the-art infrared heating panels which supply the healthiest and safest form of heating for the hot classes. At the back you will find a fully equipped change room along with bathroom/shower facilities and fresh towels.