Yoga for Athletes

Yoga to Compliment Athletic Performance

Hockey Yoga, Soccer Yoga, Basketball Yoga or Dance Yoga – The benefits of doing Yoga for your sports team are too many to ignore!

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Yoga for Athletes

Every sport has their unique body requirements and imbalances. We customize yoga classes for theses specific needs. Our trained instructors can lead a private or group class for your team. Ideal for soccer, hockey, basket ball, baseball, football, golf, runners.

Hockey Yoga Example

Our customized hockey yoga is available for players and teams at all levels. As an adjunct to any sport, yoga will not only re-balance the body but will move it in opposing ways to in order to strengthen, improve flexibility and avoid injury. Although strong quads, hamstrings and glutes are important, you can’t leverage their power without functional hip and pelvic mobility and fully integrated core strength. Often an anteriorly tilted pelvis and weekend core put undue stress on the lower back, tighten hamstring and quads. The long skating strides of hockey players require both stretch and strength of the adductors/internal hip rotators, abductors/external hip rotators and hip flexors and extensors. That’s why the conditioning goals of hockey players need to focus on creating a balance of maximum strength with lean mass and flexibility and balance to maintain speed and agility. And whether a defenseman or goalie, integrated core strength and functional hip/pelvic mobility is essential to avoid injury.

Along with improving body awareness and coordination, yoga improves concentration. Through the use of techniques such as breathing and visualization, athletes will maximize their potential for a stronger mental game.

Our program for goalies addresses their unique requirements to create considerable lateral agility, strength, flexibility, and balance necessary to make quick and intense multi-directional movements.

We collaborate with athletes and athletic facilities to build yoga programs that will create a powerful change in performance, flexibility, strength and overall health and focus. We know first- hand the demands of a rigorous training program on the body and how yoga can bring balance into any sport.


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Hockey Yoga:  Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm,  9-15 yrs old at YogaLoft  Sept 25 to Nov 13, 9 weeks $110

or pay as you go $20 per class

Coaches and parents are welcome to attend

Team group classes can be scheduled on or off location upon request



Missed Classes:

There is one make up class that can be carried over towards the next session.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund or credit note applies for any registration that withdraws 1 week prior to class start date (“Notice Period”).

Credit Notes apply only for any withdraws/cancellations that occur after the “Notice Period” above and prior to the 3rd class. Credit notes will be pro-rated to reflect the number of remaining scheduled classes.

There will be NO refunds after the 2 week “Notice Period” mentioned above.

How to register:

  • In person at the Yogaloft, 1 Sonoma Blvd, Woodbridge L4H 3C4
  • By phone at 905-893-0094 or 416-450-6724
  • by email at
  • by on-line registration, click here


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