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“The Sacred 7” Beginner Meditation Class – Full 8 Week Chakra Program with Vince & Patricia

 Starts: Friday, Sept. 30th, 7pm – 8pm

* An excellent introduction to the concept of the Chakra System14212209_1742034396059311_1556274988122282106_n

  Covers the 7 main Chakra Centers

* What the Chakra system is & what it does, will be discussed

* Each chakra will be described with its location, color & emotional correspondence

* How it impacts on the physical structure & how you can influence the balance of each

chakra with certain gemstones/healing crystals

*Crystal healing session

* Handouts included

* Meditations are personally guided by the teacher’s voice along with soft music

* “After hours” personal support provided

* Mini quiz at end of completed program & receipt of certificate of participation (Intermediate Level available)

* Ages 14+ – all genders welcomed – no previous experience necessary

*Bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit comfortably

* Please arrive early, door will be locked afterwards
Through meditation you can heal your body, come to terms with everyday problems or issues that may hinder your performance through work or home. You will experience more enjoyment and appreciation of life and your relationship with others.
We will explore deep relaxation, visualization and imagery for self-healing and personal growth and development through self discovery and awareness. Take away with you knowledge for self healing. These classes includes the “awareness, explanation & aligning” of your Chakras, followed by a guided meditation and end of class discussion. There will also be additional classes that will further expand your visualization and sensing.

Walk-Ins Accepted Fridays 7pm-8pm – $12 per class

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