Scheduled Classes

At Yoga Loft our students benefit from intimate sized classes, individual attention and hands on adjustments from our teachers.  Our highly experienced yoga instructors and yoga therapists are focused on helping you grow your practice and get the most out of your yoga experience.

We like to keep our classes intimate and comfortable so students have the opportunity to consult with instructors and get their questions answered.

Our classes are invigorating, empowering, detoxifying and taught by passionate teachers at a level determined by you. They are designed to challenge and inspire and remember, you don’t need to be flexible, strong or coordinated to do yoga. Yoga will take you there.

*During the summer, most “Hot” classes will have reduced temperature to “Warm”, while the Warm classes will be No Heat/Room Temperature, for a more comfortable experience.


Hot Flow – Intensity Level 2

This class is a hot Vinyasa flow of connected, sequenced poses linking breath with movement. One pose glides easily into the next with perfect poise. This class builds strength and endurance while challenging you to focus on synchronizing breath with movement in full heat. This class is for all levels as every exercise can be modified to fit your fitness level or accommodate injury/sensitivity.

Functional Yoga and Mobility – Level 1/2

Classes are designed to restore and improve the function of the body using various yoga techniques and mobility exercises .
​Each of the techniques selected are practical and useful, rather than attractive, with a focus on breathing and alignment .
Benefits of this class include improved joint range of motion, posture, muscle strength , body awareness, mood, as well as reduced compensation patterns and prevent injuries.

Warm Hatha Flow – Intensity Level 1

This all levels yoga class is ideal for beginners, challenging enough for intermediate, and good for an advanced practitioner wanting an occasional more relaxed routine. It teaches classic Hatha yoga postures through deep awareness of correct alignment and precise body actions. Highly therapeutic, this technique helps to refine our poses while training our minds to remain alert, focused and composed. This class is intended to help you get yoga in your body and to learn yoga’s language. It addresses needs of students who are new to yoga as well as those who may even have an advanced practice. Performed in a warm temperature.

High Energy Yoga Boot Camp – All Levels (Sign Up)

Check out our new for spring High Energy Yoga Bootcamp! Like nothing you’ve done before come in and enjoy energetic music, and an upbeat strength training and cardio workout that will get your sweat on and make you feel absolutely invigorated to start the day. These classes are very unique in the way they blend boot camp style training with yoga poses/postures and resistance. These are high activity workout sessions that will force you to break a sweat, get stronger and boost your energy levels. The high activity style keeps your heart rate high (cardio), while weighted props are used to add resistance, tone and build overall strength. A great class to add into your weekly routine once or twice (for more effect), which will compliment your regular yoga practice. Give it a try! You will be happy you did!

Power Yoga Shape – Intensity Level 2-3

This flow class is a perfect blend of yoga and conditioning poses. Vinyasa Flow poses are practiced as a sequence of connected poses linking breath with movement. It’s a powerful, energetic and flowing class. A great class to tone and shape your body, while building strength and flexibility.The focus is to glide easily from pose to pose with perfect poise. This class builds strength and endurance as you are challenged to focus on breath synchronized with movement in a non-heated environment. Don’t worry, you will sweat!

Hot Pilates & Yoga – Intensity Level 2

This total body workout is focused around core strengthening, with emphasis on alignment, breathing, balance and control. Pilates works the whole body – toning and strengthening to create long lean muscles.Core strengthening exercises targeting the hips and lower back are incorporated to help strengthening your abdominal muscles. These exercises help to prevent lower back pain while improving your posture.

Ying & Yang Yoga – Intensity Level 1

This class is about a 50/50 blend of Yin yoga and Yang yoga. It’s both a faster paced Yang style for the first half of the class and a slower paced and deeper Yin style for the second part of the class. Yang Yoga is a dynamic and muscular style of yoga that emphasizes on internal heat while lengthening and contracting muscles. Yin Yoga targets connective tissues such as ligaments, bones, and even body joints that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of yoga. Yin poses are lengthening postures that are held for 3-5 minutes to allow a stretch deep into the tissue of the body. This class is performed in a warm temperature.

Gentle Flow Restorative -All Levels 

This class is a slower paced but deeper yoga style. It’s a blend of Gentle Flow Yoga to get the body warm and supple and a restorative yoga practice using yoga props and cushions to support and encourage you to rest, restore and rejuvenate your body in each posture. Breathing and meditation techniques are incorporated to go deeper into the yoga postures to repair old wounds both physical and emotional, release pent up tension and stress, and to calm and refresh the busy mind. This class is suitable for all levels and conducted at a comfortable heat temperature.