We encourage beginners to start with a Heated Class at a level 1 or level 1-2. Heated classes are approx 30 degrees providing a soothing warm and gentle detoxification. The pace is appropriate for those just starting out or those who want aa deeper, more therapeutic effect.

Choose from the following class:

  • Heated Flow L1-2
  • Heated Yin/Yang L 1-2
  • Econo Yoga L1-2
  • Heated Yoga L1-2
  • Heated Flow/Restorative Yoga L1-2
  • Guided Meditation L1


We add the element of heat to intensify your yoga experience. An intermediate class has a more challenging pace with added heat to really make you sweat!

  • Heated Yoga & Pilates L2
  • Heated Yoga Tone L2
  • Hot Flow L2
  • Hot Power Yoga L2
  • Heated Stretch & Strength L3


Yoga Therapy

If you are looking to move your body and strengthen using yoga, a therapist can work with your specific ailment or injury.  Each session is customly designed for you and what your body and mind needs.

One of the key advantages of a system like yoga is that it views the human system as a holistic entity that is made up different dimensions (physical body, breath, mind, personality traits, and emotions) that are mutually dependent on and mutually influence one another.

The other key advantage of yoga is that it empowers people in the healing process. Rather, than being a passive recipient of treatment, the student is actively engaged in the path to well-being and is primarily responsible for their recovery. The role of the teacher is that of guide, directing the student to tools for recovery and teaching the right way to implement these tools. Once this is done, it is then the role of the student to practice it diligently, observe changes, and notify the teacher for any changes. Thus the healing comes from within the student, rather than from the outside. This powerful system has helped many thousands of students who have sought yoga as the solution to their problems.